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Terms and Guidelines for CERDH.com

CERDH IS OUR Community here are a few guidelines

At CERDH, our community’s culture enables the impact we believe will change the world. Creating an environment in which our members know they are valued—and are comfortable, empowered, intellectually stimulated, and supported—is critical to cultivating an impact-oriented community that helps fellow members grow as exponential healthcare leaders.

CERDH Community Rules of Engagement

Welcome! Were glad youve joined us! Heres how you can be your best as a member of our community:

  1. Be constructive: Identify and help solve problems. Don’t like something you see happening in the community? Offer an idea and partner with CERDH in developing a better way. Get a dialogue started that welcomes varying approaches, and when offering an alternative view, do it respectfully (see item 4 below). Offer to collaborate to make things better.

2. Be generous: Assume your colleagues are open to what you have to say and interested in finding a solution that works for you and for the benefit of CERDH. Listen to people. Learn about the challenges they are confronting and what their needs are, and offer a helping hand. Make a connection. Share advice, skills, and resources. Be a partner. Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help, so offer assistance proactively because it’s the right thing to do, and it’s how we’ll succeed together. Let’s be a community of generous givers.

3. Elevate others: Be humble, share successes, and be willing to give credit to those who have been instrumental in the work. Understand that we are in a constantly inspired by innovation, trial, and evaluation, and focus your efforts on supporting the community with the knowledge that whatever you do will enhance your personal brand and reputation within the community. With this approach, others will want to work with you to advance your and their objectives. Your community members are doing incredible things. Celebrate them. Share their success and progress with others, both inside the community and out.

4. Be respectful of divergent views and healthy debate: The CERDH community embraces a diversity of thoughts and opinions. This is the foundation of our community and the cornerstone of our success in bringing positive change to the world. Be open and positive in the way you communicate with others who may have different viewpoints. Hear what they have to say and consider whether your opinion adds value. Assume others have good intentions and treat them with respect. Show empathy for fellow community members’ perspectives, but also recognize that a combination of different perspectives and spirited, yet respectful, discourse usually yields better results. In an age of extraordinary innovation, we know that solutions to the world’s biggest challenges are best achieved when everyone contributes, and many minds working together will always result in a better outcome. Feel free to respectfully challenge each other and frankly discuss topics that need to be addressed. Never assume that by not addressing an issue that it will go away—otherwise, you risk the potential that it will become a bigger problem later. Divergent viewpoints are welcome when shared in the spirit of open-mindedness and with respect.


Unacceptable Behavior

1.Racism, sexism, misogyny, sexual harassment, discrimination: Discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other identifying characteristic has no place in the CERDH community. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form. CERDH reserves the right to remove offenders from the CERDH community and to prohibit their further engagement with CERDH-owned or controlled systems.

 2. Trolling: Abusive dialogue, verbal threats, or conflict amongst community members, whether online or in-person, will not be tolerated and will result in corrective action by CERDH. CERDH reserves the right to delete trolling content, issue a warning to an offending member, and/or remove an individual from a program, venue, or the community at large.

3.  Misuse of CERDH information, other community members’ information, or any third party’s information: Misuse of CERDH corporate, faculty, partner, member, or other third-party proprietary information is not allowed. Sharing in digital or live community forums, including one-on-one conversations within a forum, should be conducted with the understanding that information you share, or someone else shares, is confidential and should not be shared elsewhere. If you plan to post or use someone else’s content or information, always confirm with the person that you have permission to do so. And, before posting or otherwise sharing your own content or information, assess your comfort level with the content or information in the event it gets shared beyond its initial designated recipients.

 4. Engaging in overly self-promotional activities: CERDH communities are not a marketing platform,(we do want you to share your resources on Mondays only) and it is inappropriate for you to brag about yourself or to promote your own interests or those of your business. There is a fine line between self-promotion and sharing milestones. It’s acceptable and encouraged to share your successes, such as a new round of funding or an award, but be mindful of appearing overly self-promotional and be sure to celebrate other people’s successes too. Spamming members of the community is expressly prohibited.

5. Misuse of the CERDH brand: While you are a valued member of the CERDH community, you are not an official representative of CERDH. Portraying yourself as a representative of CERDH, misleading others about your relationship with CERDH, or presenting your own opinions or initiatives like those of CERDH without express written consent and compliance with CERDH policies is prohibited.

If you have questions about the CERDH community engagement guidelines, please contact [email protected] For serious violations of our community guidelines that require follow up by CERDH, please feel free to [email protected]


We would love to get to know you. We are dedicated to getting back to you within        24-48 hrs. Mon.-Fri.