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We believe after three to five years every healthcare professional, or entrepreneur becomes an expert in some capacity. The key is who do we go to, to learn implementation skill sets in running a business, building an online CE course, product, or service? The five steps in the dental hygiene process of care are Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation, and Documentation. These five-step processes can be also applied in running a successful business. Creating an online course, membership/subscription, evergreen webinar, coaching, and LIVEcasts or coaching is an excellent way to share your knowledge to make an impact on people's lives.   Understanding these principles will help you define your vision, set challenging goals, create a plan of action, and achieve extraordinary results through implementation.

  • Resonate- with your ideal client
  • Implement-Create a marketing message, ads, emails created with our team & be ready to launch
  • Optimize- We help you adjust focus and review your strategy to ensure maximum ROI. 
  • Technology-We support you each week from set-up to integration, applying what you learn, maintaining all you need to build your product or service in 90 days. (or sooner if you choose).
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The Tools and the Team You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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To Make an Impact with Our Expertise!

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Seven Simple Steps To Begin and Implement Your Online Course 

Module 1: Create your online business systems and processes with vision.  A focused approach to creating an online course from start to finish. (you will be supported LIVE each week). If you have your course outline, the course title, course description & outcomes you are ready to build your first asset online.

Module 2: We will start with building your landing page & opt-in sequence focusing on your expertise and your ideal client. The videos are focused so you can finish each week's business building in two to five hours a week. Then on Saturday, we meet live for 1-2 hours to complete that week's module.

Education at the core, we will continue inside one of the best online course platforms there is, Kajabi.

Inside the landing page, you will complete an e-commerce page with clarity, and a thank you page. Create an excellent customer service outcome from the start. (yes there are checklists here, for those who like them).

Module 3: We begin the course build (product or service). You now start to film your video, develop your script, use good lighting, and learn how to film with your iPad or computer. Upload photos, graphically designed, and HD video into your product or service. 

Module 4: Relationship Marketing. Now you are ready to build your marketing channels. With a focused approach for your ideal client. With a simple Google search, using keywords, people will be able to find you online. We will continue building your product or service while building your audience with challenges, events, and offers. 

Module 5: Let's get social. A seven-step plan for social media. A focused and proven approach to help your ideal clients find you and you succeed!  Where focus goes, energy flows. Create online communities and groups that are engaging and active.-Social media and coaching packages available by request with Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Module 6: Building persistence presence takes a commitment and weekly focused investment in time and money. Write to your ideal client's market and promote your content with specific offers. Taught by experts who have been in online business for over fifteen years. (we are not rookies here). Trust us, and if you do the work you will have a valuable product & or service online. 

Module 7: Your launch plan is vital. Your 7 day, 14 days, 30-day launch plans are ready to go!

We give you the tools for success for your first quarter and through your first three years in the online business if you decide to stay on with our membership plan.  Copywriting-Landing page, Sales page, thank you pages will be updated to fit the needs of your ideal clients with an online community. (both LIVE and recorded).


Seven weeks of small group LIVE personalized coaching with like-minded entrepreneurs. These are your people.

Fast Action Bonus: 

Receive 3 extra weeks of small group coaching to help with your launch and build your membership.

Enroll by March 15, 2022 to receive this bonus, a $1,500 value. (the course pays for itself if you implement the seven weeks).  

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