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We believe after three to five years every healthcare professional, or entrepreneur becomes an expert in some capacity. The key is who do we go to, to learn implementation skill sets in running a business, building an online CE course, product, or service? The five steps in the dental hygiene process of care are Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation, and Documentation. These five-step processes can be also applied in running a successful business. Creating an online course, membership/subscription, evergreen webinar, coaching, and LIVEcasts or coaching is an excellent way to share your knowledge to make an impact on people's lives.   Understanding these principles will help you define your vision, set challenging goals, create a plan of action, and achieve extraordinary results through implementation.

  • Resonate- with your ideal client
  • Implement-Create a marketing message, ads, emails created with our team & be ready to launch
  • Optimize- We help you adjust focus and review your strategy to ensure maximum ROI. 
  • Technology-We support you each week from set-up to integrate, apply, maintain all you need to build your course infrastructure in 90 days. (or sooner if you choose).
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The Tools and the Team You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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Working Together...

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To Make an Impact with Our Expertise!

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Seven Simple Steps To Begin and Implement Your Online Course 

Module 1: you are going to create your online business systems and processes with vision.  Focused on from start to finish what you need to create an online course in the community. (you will be supported LIVE each week). You will also finish your course outline, the course title, course description & outcomes.

Module 2: We will start your landing page & Opt-in sequence focusing on your topic and your ideal client in an online course platform you choose from the first week. 

Education at the core, you will create your online course, inside one of the best online course platforms there is. Build a landing page, thank you page, an e-commerce page with clear communication, and guide your clients to a positive outcome. (yes there are checklists here).

Module 3: We put your course together online. Videos & content who, why, and how. 

Module 4: Build an infrastructure so people can find you online. We continue building your course while creating your marketing plan. We build your marketing channels

Module 5: Create a raving fan base. A focused, proven approach to help your clients succeed!  Where focus goes, energy flows. Create online communities that are active and engaging.-Social media and coaching packages.

Module 6: Marketing and Sales Mastery; Use the latest tools to promote your content online. Taught by experts in online business.

Module 7: Utilizing Tools for Success for Your First Quarter in Business. Your 90-day implementation content plan. Copywriting-Landing page, Sales page, thank you pages. Traction and data analysis. Your 7 day, 14 day, 30-day launch plans are ready to go!

Bonus:  5 weeks of small group personalized coaching in a community that is working together. These are your people.

Fast Action Bonus: Receive 3 extra weeks of small group coaching to help you launch your online business if you subscribe enroll and subscribe by November 30, 2021. 

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