How To Engage Your Adult Learners in Dental Hygiene

Welcome to Teaching Methodology: Dental Hygiene Education for the Adult Learner Part 1- 2 CE units provided.

After completion of this course the learner will:

  1. Understand how and why to create a dental hygiene course that increases adult learning through interactive and engaging activities.
  2. Define Adult Learning Theory: Pedagogy vs. Andragogy.
  3. Identify different strategies that are appropriate for specific learning outcomes. 
  4.  Recognize the importance of dental hygiene learning community that integrates knowledge from one course to another. 
  5. Explain how effective group work leads directly to developing problem solving skills and team cohesion for a students professional life.

What The Course Will Cover

As we created this course, we kept the emerging leaders in education in forefront in our mind. Those in current dental hygiene education positions, those who are considering a career in dental hygiene education and those who must meet the current requirement for CODA.


Introduction to Dental Hygiene Clinical Education & Adult Learners-Part 1

In the first module, you will learn about a  adult learning theory rationale. We will discuss how to design dental hygiene curriculum, the adult theory rationale, and much more.

Educational Methodology Coursework: Adult Learning

In the second module, we are going to demonstrate the learning process from beginner to competent. We’ll cover how to use the steps of theory learning, and the importance of positive team building. Plus, we’ll to show you 3 steps to the power of connection.

The Educators Role

In the third module, we are going to communicate about the educators role to andragogy. We’ll show you why engaging adult learners in a self directed approach is crucial to your success, and we’ll show you how the active learning, experiential learning, collaborative learning skills, narrative learning and finally learning communities all engage the adult learner to apply the knowledge. This is a 2 hour course for 2 CE units.

Elena Ortega, MS, RDH

Elena Ortega, MS RDH has been a Director of a University dental hygiene program, a published author in Darby and Walsh Dental Hygiene Practice and Theory textbook. Ortega has also published research in the Journal of Dental Hygiene. She enjoys seeing students excel from beginner to advanced. This is part one of a series of courses designed for the dental hygiene educator.

Jody Thompson, MA, RDH

Jody has over 25 years extensive experience as a clinical and didactic educator in dental hygiene. Jody has presented numerous continuing education courses to fellow faculty. Her background includes a masters in Sport Psychology with a strong emphasis on communication, team building and problem-solving. One of her favorite things has been co-teaching didactic classes with Elena Ortega for over 20 years!

Kirsten Jarvi, MS, RDH

Kirsten is the CEO and founder of her work has ranged from building educational technology for multiple start-ups in the dental industry, to building dental hygiene education teams with Fortune 500 companies. She can be contacted at [email protected]

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