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What Champions Are Made Of-Being A Champion In Education


This is a deeply personal writing today. Viewing the United States national woman’s soccer team was such an inspirational and exhilarating experience, and now watching the USA team played some of the toughest competitors to reach the finals.

Working hard to win a Championship, is no easy task. It takes focused discipline, daily planning, a standard of performance, the ability to be in the zone and most importantly have fun while doing it. We were witness to this team doing just this. We all get the opportunity to witness Championship teams. The celebration when your local team wins a game, also the preparation and instincts that go into each game.

We are all very fortunate on this given day, at this moment to bring our best lives forward. Viewing how these women worked hard for years to qualify for a World Cup, but also how they truly cared for one another on the team.  Here are twelve habits, truly...

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