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What Champions Are Made Of-Being A Champion In Education


This is a deeply personal writing today. Viewing the United States national woman’s soccer team was such an inspirational and exhilarating experience, and now watching the USA team played some of the toughest competitors to reach the finals.

Working hard to win a Championship, is no easy task. It takes focused discipline, daily planning, a standard of performance, the ability to be in the zone and most importantly have fun while doing it. We were witness to this team doing just this. We all get the opportunity to witness Championship teams. The celebration when your local team wins a game, also the preparation and instincts that go into each game.

We are all very fortunate on this given day, at this moment to bring our best lives forward. Viewing how these women worked hard for years to qualify for a World Cup, but also how they truly cared for one another on the team.  Here are twelve habits, truly effective leaders utilize to help any team excel.

  1. Teammates truly enjoy playing with each other. When playing on a team instinctively they know where their teammates are on the field and trust they will be there when the pass is made.
  2. Coaches know exactly how to run plays. With proper planning and knowing the strengths of each individual player and the team, they are playing. Coaches create opportunities to maximize the space on the field. Jill Ellis did amazing, to prepare for each game at the World Cup.
  3. Leaders create self-sustaining organizations. Leaders know how to create a self-sustaining organization able to operate at the highest levels even when she or he leaves. It’s the mark of forward-thinking leadership.
  4. Leaders keep focused. Coaches and leaders keep focused on daily improvements to become better leaders in their personal and professional life. The inside out approach.
  5. Be Yourself. We must be the best versions of ourselves that we can be; stay within working with your strengths and within the framework of your own personality and be authentic true.
  6. Be committed to Excellence. Develop your own standard of performance. Your actions and attitudes on any team matter. Your focus must be on doing the work at the highest level possible.
  7. Be Positive. Leaders spend more time teaching what to do; than what not to do; As a coach or leader spend more time teaching and encouraging Maintain an affirmative, constructive, positive environment in which to grow.
  8. Be Prepared. Work hard and be prepared 80/20 rule. Good luck is a product of excellence in planning. Every coach knows this intuitively.
  9. Be detail-oriented. Organizational excellence evolves from the perfection of details relevant to performance and production. I might add, dedication to pertinent details i.e. do not over-analyze. Prepare your team mentally, physically, fundamentally, and strategically as humanly possible.
  10. Be organized. A great organization is the trademark of a great business’ and teams. Take the time for reflection both personally and professionally. Do this weekly, monthly, quarterly whatever works best for the team you are leading.
  11. Be accountable. The answerability starts with you. Do not make excuses to listen to those who truly want to help organizations thrive.
  12. Keep perspective. Be near-sighted, keep everything in perspective while simultaneously concentrating fully on the task at hand.

Always keep in perspective good values and principles.

  1. Be kind to your employees. Treat your employees right, ethically with sound values engender respect from those you lead. It gives your team inner strength and support.
  2. Be firm. Be firm with your values. Do not budge from your core values, standards, and principles.
  3. Be Flexible. Be agile in adapting to changing circumstances. Consistency is crucial, but you must be quick to adjust to new challenges that defy the old paradigms.
  4. Be A Leader. Whether you are a head coach, CEO, Director of a dental hygiene program, grant writer, leader in your business, entrepreneur, marketing director, a player on a professional team, or a teammate on your local team, you must know where you are going and how you intend to get there. Keep in mind that it may be necessary to modify your tactics and approach as circumstances present themselves. We must be able to inspire and motivate through empowering and teaching people how to perform their jobs at the highest level.--We also, do this by learning from others who have experience in an area you may be learning about.

The United States women’s soccer team is, they are extraordinarily original and unique. They played the game of soccer with focused discipline, respect, courage with their own authenticity. More importantly as athletes, what they have and are accomplishing on and off the field. Much like RDH Education whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. It is your time, now go make it happen.

To celebrate, we had two RDH professors design a CODA recognized course just for YOU the RDH. It is for 2 CE Units. This is specifically created for current RDH educators as well as the inspired clinician who may be interested in pursuing education as a career path. Would you like to enroll in the course? Click here.


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