Establish a Vision:

We will guide you to establish a clear vision and purpose. Vision and purpose are vital and will guide you, and encourage you to remain steadfast on your path to success. Your vision should be your ideal result. Your purpose is why you want to attain that vision. 

Create clear and attainable goals

  • Business
  • Client
  • Personal
  • Short term & long term
  • Revenue growth

Education at the core

CERDH.com takes an inside-out approach. In order to help others excel, we must begin with ourselves. We will help you to evaluate the supporting infrastructure of your business for efficiency and prepare it for growth. 

We do not stop there, once you grow your business we then take that success story and turn it into a contribution of the knowledge with others. "The knowledge economy is upon us." Ready to take action?

  • Team building-empower people
  • Online systems-infrastructure
  • Effective use of time
  • Responsiveness
  • Presentation skills
  • The strong new client base
  • Flow be in the moment
  • Internal preparedness
  • Working with joy & from your strengths
  • Commitment to communication
  • Feedback systems for efficiency & current need
  • Service and elevated client options
  • High-quality standard of care
  • Financial growth & scaling your business
  • Performance partnerships
  • Leveraging technology

Connect through education

Once your core course is in place you are ready to focus on growing your business exponentially. We call this 10X. CERDH.com believes in growth through collaboration & education. Internal, partnerships, clients, and community education are essential components for success. It's not promotion, it's education at its core. 


Educational courses for healthcare professionals, providing high-quality 24/7 online access for career advancement (the business owners), and a LIVE forum where RDH educators and entrepreneurs align who inspire connections and mentor others in the profession.

  • Be proactive, not reactive
  • Listen respond, be openminded
  • Market research-understand disciplines & learn from others 
  • Fast track-hands on, implement tomorrow
  • Long term strategy- based on your vision
  • Think tanks-learn from others who already did it
  • Identify challenges & opportunities
  • Network creation-come together through collaboration
  • Align professional strengths within a network
  • Create value awareness of prevention
  • Community outreach
  • Mobilize people with technology.  Yes, this is possible
  • Presentation, social events, website, new technologies
  • Innovate-Leverage technology & connect with others


Kirsten Jarvi, CEO Founder

Kirsten is an entrepreneur, healthcare professional, and best-selling author who continuously learns and seeks to improve the healthcare profession. She is internally inspired by others who have taken action and made healthcare excellence. Her goal is to inspire entrepreneurs and educators to implement course curriculum and to empower our core professional RDH's to create their own businesses online. Kirsten currently has two projects and two partnerships to "in the works." For the entrepreneur, she has developed a Smartphone application, designed with the healthcare professional in mind. A Mastermind course series to start your own online business. Our next course launch Starts on August 1st. Our original course developed for the RDH educator, Teaching Methodology 100% of the proceeds go towards the Barbara Heckman, MS RDH Leadership scholarship, you can enroll by clicking, supporting the future leaders and professionals in dental hygiene you can  register  here.   Note this course will be retired in September 2021. So if you want to enroll in the course please do it NOW. 


Leadership Mastery

These are a series of online courses and live small group coaching specifically for the small business owner in healthcare. Here you will learn the who and how to utilize current technologies to dramatically improve your business success.

Empowering Educators

Are you an empowered educator who loves to make a difference in students lives but also like to empower your colleagues to do the same. Do you like to network with others in your profession? We have courses designed specifically by experts in the field of dental hygiene education . We actively created and specifically chosen a peer-to-peer approach. These courses are CODA approved and certified.

Who These Courses Are Ideally For!

Our online community CERDH.com insiders group is specifically for those RDH's professionals who want to start and or grow their online business. We also have peer to peer leadership coursework for current RDH educators currently teaching at an accredited program.



A LINK TO ORDER OUR BEST SELLING 1 Habit For A Thriving Home Office

"In healthcare, we are putting something real, true, and beautiful into the world, and we know it. If one person's life is better because they have learned from you then you were a huge success that day. Let that be your measure of your success."

Kirsten Jarvi, MS RDH

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