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Learn in a fun interactive environment. Shirley's teaching style is fun, interative, and safe environment from beginner to advanced these courses result in outcome based learning. Which means you learn a skill set actively participating in break-out Zoom rooms together in teams.

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Walk away with next level skill sets for meeting/webinar registration and personal branding in Zoom.

Go LIVE in social media

Learn how to integrate Facebook and YouTube channels to go LIVE inside your social media channels.

Zoom like a pro

Learn the tips the pro's use. Keyboard shortcuts, screen share toggles, receive a quick tip guide once you register for the course.

"Kirsten has given me great constructive advice, and has such a positive attitude. I highly recommend her."

Helen Smart, RDH, BS
Vice President of Membership, CDHA

This Zoom workshop is highly interactive

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All The Tools You Need To Run A Successful Online Meeting or Presentation

Shirley and Kirsten have taught over 1,000 people how to uplevel their skill sets, Zoom is just one of many they instruct on!

Zoom To Success

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  • Create Zoom Registration page complete with your personal brand
  • Launch the App with pre-selected settings
  • Create a branded virtual Zoom screen behind you
  • The PC Zoom app interface and iPad Apple interface.
  • Recording the meeting and setting up where the recording should go inside your computer or the Zoom cloud or computer.
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