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Join a new online community with inspired healthcare professionals, experts, and leaders who love to empower your dental hygiene career.

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Dedicated Facilitators

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent facilitator. That's why most of our instructors have achieved years of experience in content they educate on. Our team is passionate about the topics they teach and bring enthusiasm into their content development. The instructors are fun and innovative, we call them inspired integrator's.


Innovative Curriculum

Are you a beginner, expert, or unsure where to begin? We offer a variety of high-quality on demand courses designed to prepare you for your next level in your dental hygiene career. We offer a supportive community to match your strengths with your passions. We are designing Mastery programs. These programs will be complete with downloadable resources to help you be successful in developing your own online business as a healthcare professional.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence and create a group of inspired integrator's. We encourage bringing your expertise to life to benefit others. In our programs we emphasize the learning process based on your individual needs & values. It is what makes our hearts sing with joy. We offer small group instruction, or individualized real-time support based on your current career development need. 

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Leadership Mastery

These series of courses are designed to strengthen leadership and enhance team building within the dental office. Reviewed in this course will be the evidenced based five core principles of leadership. A short-term daily goals exercise to be shared for the dental office team. This course provides current human resources and success strategies they can be applied to your dental teams' overall professional development. Set goals, take action, and take your office to new heights. Finally  resources will be provided also for those who would like to communicate their passion online to a larger community.


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Dental Hygiene 

Teaching Methodology Academy

As we created these series of courses, keeping the emerging leaders in education in the forefront of the design. 

Part 1: Dental Hygiene Education and Adult Learners This course discusses the adult learning theory. The course participant will learn pedagogy traditional teaching style and andragogy-adult learning methods. The key elements of successful adult learning and engagement are presented. The presenters will discuss the link between clinical dental hygiene instruction and successful educational methods that enhance student competency.

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